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The Tasting Panel, a premier spirits and wine publication, rated Savîle with a stunning score of 92!


Add a little dash to your life with the Savîle Rumtini Dash, as featured in the luxury lifestyle magazine, PRIME Living.


“Savîle Premium Rumtini is a deliciously fruity cocktail that is both light and refreshing.” – The Sistah Cafe

“Over 30 years in the making and just being released this season, Savîle Rumtini is exotic and colorful, with rich citrus flavors and a deep dark India rum at its core. It only needs to be shaken and be poured over ice.” – Local Food Eater

Joey Casco of does a quick video review of Savîle Premium Rumtini [Watch Here]

Happy National Rum Day! The Social NY recommends Savîle for your celebration!

Thank you WINEormous for enjoying Savîle! Even serious alcohol aficionados embrace Savîle’s unique and unforgettable experience. [Watch Here]


Business Rockstars interviewed Savîle’s creator to discuss the fundamentals of marketing a luxury beverage. [Watch here]


you & me (Chicago) did an in-depth interview on Savîle’s creation. [Watch here]


Savîle made its Palm Springs debut on Desert Living. [Watch here]

Community Connections host, Cindy Bravos, enjoyed making Savîle’s signature sangria. [Watch here]

Radio & Podcast

Savîle’s success didn’t happen over night, find out how this was a leap of faith… [Listen Here]


CEO of DTRS Enterprises Dee Tutt discusses building a beverage company from the ground up with Elena del Valle, host of the [Listen Here]




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