Savile_Bottle_Image-01Savîle Rumtini is a beverage unlike anything you will have ever tasted before. Exotic, colorful, with rich citrus flavors and a deep dark India rum at its core, this is the refreshing exotic ready-to-serve drink you have been waiting for.

Why try Savîle Rumtini?

30 Years in the Making.  This unique blend of citrus flavors and rum was developed over three decades, with subtle improvements over that entire time. This is no “let’s make a rum drink, hold a focus group, and push it to the market” last minute invention. Real people helped shape and refine the taste throughout its evolution, with one woman guiding it every step of the way: Ms. Dee Tutt.

All Natural. There is no artificial anything in this. Period.

Only the Finest Ingredients Used Throughout. We will never cut corners to make this the best product possible.

Gluten-Free. For those who demand the purest of beverages, Savîle Rumtini is also crafted without any gluten or gluten derivative additives.

It tastes like nothing you have ever tried before.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see for yourself why Savîle Rumtini and its exotic “Taste of the Islands” is truly a one-of-a-kind beverage to sip, savor, and share with friends.

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