Dee Tutt

Savîle Rumtini is only now just being released to the world. But the story behind this ‘overnight success’ is actually over thirty years in the making.

It all started when a woman by the name of Dee Johnson was preparing for a gathering of close friends and family back in 1983. She wanted to do something special for them by creating a unique Caribbean style punch, inspired by drinks she herself had enjoyed at favorite islands such as Aruba, Jamaica and St. Lucia.

She started with a simple recipe featuring a rich rum base and a blend of tropical fruits. Even then she adapted it and created what was to be the first iteration of her unique beverage: fruity but not too sweet, and strong enough to let one know ‘the liquor is in it’ without overpowering as an alcoholic beverage.

After all, this is to be a beverage to enjoy with friends family or alone to remind you of lazy summer days, warm tropical breezes, and glistening ocean waves under the sun and stars. No matter where you are and whatever the season.

The first blend was well-received, but over the years of serving her initial kitchen recipe, Ms. Dee received many suggestions from these early Savîle connoisseurs on how to improve it. Add more of this kind of fruit, less of that. More sweetness or maybe a touch more rum. Stir in something mysterious and magical that no one might guess but which could add just that unique twist to the blend. A blend with a smooth, bold, playful taste that leaves a clean crisp aftertaste and warm glow from your nose to your toes.

Over thirty years Ms. Dee slowly, with finesse and subtlety, enhanced and refined the recipe. Always trying it out with friends each time, and each time her Rumtini gaining in reputation and stature with all who had tried it.

Over time, many urged her to find a way to share this wonderful beverage with others on a much wider scale. “This is good — you need to put this drink on the market”, they urged. And while she wanted to go forward, there was the normal hesitation that something might be lost in the translation from home creation to mass production. Friends and family finally won her over to pursue this as a major career move; Dee believes each of us is given gifts and offerings to share with the world – and this was hers to share.

And so around three years ago, with the close backing of her husband, Carl H. Tutt Jr., an entrepreneur in his own right, Ms. Dee (now Dee Tutt) formed a team to craft a business plan to launch this product on a grander scale. Within the team was her long-time family confidante and trusted business partner, first cousin Richard Smith. She also brought in her two gifted children with degrees in business, Patrice and Brandon Johnson; Patrice is a graduate from Purdue University, and Brandon, a graduate of Morehouse.

That team was the one responsible for helping shepherd that original kitchen recipe all the way to where it is today. This is also the group who came up with the cocktail’s now celebrated name: Savîle.

Based on the ideas that core team created, Miss Dee and her Savîle Rumtini took their next major steps forward. She secured initial financial backing. She found brilliant rum creators and blenders who worked closely with her to keep the soul of that original recipe alive, sacrificing nothing and ensuring only the best all-natural ingredients and real rich rum would be used throughout. It took time and hard work but the result is finally available for all of you to sample today. Under the name Savîle Rumtini, crafted with love and soul.

Please allow Savîle Premium Rumtini to “take you away” with “A Taste of the Islands” in every bottle.

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